Wonders of the World


wavesSomething a little light-hearted for the weekend…

There are a lot of things in life that happen, which we take for granted and often never question. I am an inquisitive person and so some of these things play on my mind and make me start to wonder. Before looking up the correct explanation, I sometimes make up my own theory – it’s like a little game to me (I know, I have to get out more). For example, where does the wind come from? We all feel it when we are walking down the road, but have you ever questioned where it originated from and how? Now, all you geographers out there will be screaming at the computer screen soon, but my little theory is that it is created by all the birds flapping in the sky. The same goes for the waves in the sea – created by the fish of course! Ok, you think I’m crazy, that’s fine, but didn’t we used to think that the world was flat and that if we sailed too far, we’d fall off of it once upon a time? Theories have to start somewhere no matter how crazy they seem.

I think it’s good to get the brain working. Now you try – don’t look it up on Wikipedia, answer this one using your own theory: How do seeds, planted deep in the ground, know which way is up and manage to sprout up through the soil? And don’t give me any ‘gravity’ rubbish – I want to hear original explanations please. And another: How was the Grand Canyon created? My theory involves acid rain and aliens…

Happy wondering!


About kellycording

Hello, I am the little voice in the corner. The voice which everyone listens to but nobody hears. The voice which people find amusing or interesting, but never take seriously. This is my blog, my virtual stomping ground; a place where my voice is the only one, where I can express my opinions and ideas without fear of being judged. The opinions and ideas expressed here are mine and I am shouting them out loud! Enjoy.

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