Diary of my second pregnancy


Having been through the joys (and horrors!) of pregnancy once already, I now know how important it is to record this precious journey. I didn’t do this the first time round and now regret it deeply because as time has passed by, my recollection of certain moments and feelings I had has begun to fade. Being lucky enough to go through this experience again has started to revive these forgotten memories, and this time, I want to keep them forever and share them with others who may be interested.

So here is a regularly updated diary of my second pregnancy: Baby Cording number two.

6 weeks pregnant: I have been feeling light-headed for a week now. Every time I stand up too fast, I feel like the world is swaying beneath me and I see stars. I have had the odd bout of mild nauseousness but nothing which has gotten in the way of daily activities. My main symptom right now is a bloated tummy! To look at me now, you’d think I was 3 months gone. Water retention and excess wind I understand – erg!

7 weeks pregnant: Still light-headed this week and the sickness is slightly more intense but not to the point where I’m running to the toilet yet. Also very tired – been going to bed at 9 exhausted. I’d describe the way I feel right now to be that of having a late afternoon hangover (ie. it’s not as bad as it was in the morning, but you still feel sick, tired and generally poop). I think the most extreme symptom this week is my obsession with food! I can not stop thinking about it – what I fancy, what to have for dinner, whether I should go to the shop and get some chocolate, how many biscuits I have left in my office drawer etc etc. It’s like my world is revolving around food.
Weight: 7 stone  9lbs

8 weeks pregnant: This week I have been experiencing a lot of shooting pains in my hip. I think this is ligament pain from where my body is adjusting to make room for my expanding uterus. Pretty uncomfortable! I am still feeling queasy whenever I get hungry and the thought of certain food now turns my stomach (salami and melted cheese! eeerrgghh!!!). I got my scan date through this week – 4 weeks to wait until I see the first glimpse of Baby Cording number 2! My tiredness this weeks is intense! Zzzzzzzzzzz….

9 weeks pregnant: This week my sickness and tiredness has gone up a level! I am having to eat little and often as every two hours after eating I start feeling sick and the only way to relieve this is to snack on something. I feel like I am constantly grazing. The evenings bring with them severe acid reflux which makes me feel so sick that all I can do is go to bed (usually by 8pm). I have never felt so tired!

10 weeks pregnant: I feel truly awful this week. Tired, headaches, sickness (I actually threw my lunch up on Monday if that helps you to understand how nauseous I feel now?) Had my first visit from the midwife yesterday who took my blood pressure and some blood. Apparently I have slightly low blood pressure and am also slightly anemic (which explains the tiredness and dizzy spells!) – time to start taking iron tablets! She also informed me that as I suffered with severe pre-eclampsia in my last pregnancy, that I should consider taking a daily dose of Asprin to reduce the risk of it happening again – interesting. Well, anything is worth a shot to avoid that fiasco again!
2 weeks to go till the scan! Yippee!!

11 weeks pregnant: Ok, this week has been sheer hell leading to 2 days off of work with constant vomiting! If I thought that last week’s sickness was bad, I hadn’t bargained for this week! I have felt constantly sick and on Wednesday and Thursday, I couldn’t even keep water down. My mother-in-law took me to the doctor who gave me anti-sickness pills (which didn’t do much else other than send me to sleep) and suggested the chance of a multiple pregnancy!! I guess I will just have to wait until the scan next week to find out (omg!).
My sense of smell is so sensitive that even the smell of my husband’s deodorant was making me feel sick the other night. Trying to change my son’s nappy is a real challenge!!
Weight: 7 stone  10lbs

12 weeks pregnant (well, actually 13!): Had my first scan this week which was amazing. Baby Cording was wriggling around loads but it took them two attempts, a fifteen minute brisk walk around the hospital and a lot of jumping up and down in order to get baby into the right position for it’s measurements. They measured the baby to be 13 weeks – THE baby, as in ONE, not two as the doctor implied last week – phewf!
This week I have been feeling SO much better! The sickness is fading, I’m starting to stay up later than 8pm and generally feel a lot brighter. Also, my bump is getting hard to hide – a lot bigger than I was at 13 weeks with my son. Telling the family tonight and then we can go public with our baby news – yeey!

14 weeks pregnant: It is SO NICE not to have to hide my bump anymore! The news is public – I am pregnant again! Hoorah!
This week I have been experiencing bad headaches in the evenings. I remember going through this phase last time – sickness stopped and then headaches kicked in! I’m not sure which is worse? I feel like a paracetamol junkie!
I watched a programme on TV yesterday about births and it has made me realise just how much I want a natural birth this time round. With my son, I had an emergency caesarian due to severe pre-eclampsia and have always felt disappointed that I wasn’t able to experience a normal birth – failure almost. Apparently I am at high risk of  pre eclampsia this time round seeing as I have had it previously, and so can select to have a planned caesarian to be on the safe side. However, it’s not certain that I’ll get pre-eclampsia and so if I want to try for a natural birth and see how it goes, I can. This is something which I need to discuss further with my consultant I think to weight up the risks. I really don’t know why some mothers choose to have a caesarian when they don’t actually need one? I mean, why go through all of the pain which a major operation results in for 6 weeks after the birth when you can get the pain over with during it and then spend the next 6 weeks enjoying your baby pain-free? ‘Too posh to push’? It’s a crazy way of thinking!

15 weeks pregnant… see posts above for continuation of diary.

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