15 weeks pregnant


This week I have still been experiencing headaches but I think all the excitement of Christmas fast approaching is taking my mind off of it a bit – I can not believe that there is less than 2 weeks till Santa squeezes down our chimneys and I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping yet!

My bump is slowing increasing in size and I am appalled to notice a couple of tiny feint red stretch marks – gross. Last time I escaped stretch marks but I guess this time my bump has appeared a lot quicker. I am applying copious amounts of Bio Oil every morning in my battle against them! My only real complaint this week is tiredness and weird heart palpitations (which I read are normal in pregnancy). Starting to look pregnant now instead of just like a pie guzzler which is a relief.

According to my iPhone app, baby has reached 10cm this week – very strange to think of something the size of a lemon wriggling around in my belly! My 2 year old son has noticed the bump now and keeps lifting up my top to touch it, saying, ‘baby!’ (so cute).

Weight: 8 stone 2.


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