Sid’s potty training diary


Right, I am fed up with the ridiculous price of nappies, the constant faint smell of poo as you walk past my son’s nappy bin and the huge amount of space which his nappies take up in my changing bag – I have decided to bite the bullet and start the dreaded potty training! I have heard that it is a nightmare, but my Son Sidney is twenty six months old and he has been showing some signs of being ready for a few months now (pointing to his nappy when it is wet and occasionally asking to use his potty) and so I am willing to give it a good try and find out for myself. If it proves unsuccessful after a few days of trying, I will stop and try again in a few months. I am also currently pregnant with my second child who is due in 4 months time and so to have Sidney potty trained by then would be a bonus!

So here is Sidney’s potty training diary; a day-to-day account of what I tried, what worked, what failed and how long it took! I am seriously hoping that this will be a short diary and that he will be dry within 2 weeks, but we shall see!

Day 1 (Saturday 28th Jan 2012)
Ok, Sid woke up this morning and like every morning, pointed to his changing table and shouted ‘change nappy!’ However, he was shocked to find that instead of putting a nappy on him, I pulled out his new ‘big boy pants’ (Monster ones that he chose himself at the supermarket in the week) and put them on him. I made a big fuss of them, telling him that he can wear these ‘big boy monster pants as long as he uses the big boy potty’. I then sat him on his potty and said, ‘wee wee?’ (to which he just glared at me like I was crazy, got up and tried to run off with his pants still around his ankles). Once downstairs, I made up a small paper bag of sweets which I placed up high where he couldn’t reach. I showed them to him and told him that if he had a wee wee on his potty, he could chose a sweetie. I could see his brain working overtime as he considered the deal that I had just put to him. He obviously decided that it was a good deal as he immediately sat on the potty and low and behold, did a wee! I was amazed! I cheered and clapped, congratulating him with, ‘Good boy! You clever boy! You did a wee wee in your potty!’ I then offered him the bag to pick a sweetie from. He looked so pleased with himself. For the rest of the day, I asked him if he needed a wee every 15 minutes. Sometimes I could see by his face that he needed to go despite him saying, ‘no!’ so I had to pull down the bag of sweets again, using the same temptation technique. He has had lots of accidents (I ended up letting him just run around without pants on all day as I was fed up with changing his clothes), but equally, a lot of successful wees in his potty too (he even did a poo in there but I think that may have been coincidence as he did another one this afternoon on the bathroom floor!). He has eaten so many sweets today that my husband decided to get the scissors out and cut them all in half so that they aren’t so big for tomorrow! (I don’t want a fat child with rotten teeth even if he is perfectly dry!)
All-in-all, I would say that today has been better than expected. I think he understands that he should be doing his business in the potty, it’s just going to be a job getting him to ask for the potty before he just lets it go. I feel like all I have been saying today is, ‘do you need the potty? Do you need a wee wee Sidney?’ – mentally exhausting!

Day 2 (Sunday 29th Jan 2012)
Wow, today has been an improvement on yesterday and it’s only day 2! The morning went brilliantly – 90% of wees in the potty but one poo-on-the-floor accident. I also felt a lot more relaxed and wasn’t constantly watching him for signs that he was about to go like I was yesterday!
This afternoon we decided to take Sidney out for a few hours. It is my mum’s birthday and so we decided to join them for dinner in a local restaurant, with a quick stop at the supermarket to pick up a card on the way. I must admit, I was dreading taking him out! I packed a bag consisting of 5 pairs of spare pants, 5 pairs of trousers, some socks, his potty, baby-wipes and a bag of sweets – I was prepared for the worst! However, to my amazement, we made the whole afternoon without one single accident! We got to the supermarket and took him straight to the toilet where he did a big wee. We then made it to the restaurant and took him to the toilet again where he refused to go. As I ate my meal I was convinced that he was just going to wet himself, however, half way through he stopped eating, looked a bit concerned, grabbed his trousers and said, ‘potty’. I asked him if he needed the potty and he said, ‘please!’ I was so amazed. I took him to the toilet where he did a big wee on his potty! So proud of him! (out came the bag of sweeties!)
I have found that it seems to be more successful when he is wearing pants rather than just running around bare. I think he feels less inclined to go if he knows he is wearing clothes and they get wet. Maybe it’s the feeling of wet pants against his skin which puts him off? I will be investing in a few more pants this week I think.
Like yesterday, I have been regularly asking his if he needs the potty. However, he seems to be holding on for longer today – going every half an hour (or longer sometimes) and there were a few occasions where he even put himself on the potty without me even asking! I think (dare I say it?) it might be working!

Day 3 (Monday 30th Jan 2012)
My child is such a quick learner! Today Sidney only had one accident before bedtime (when I think he was getting tired)! He seems to be going for longer between having a wee now too which is fabulous because it means I can relax for a lot longer before asking if he needs to use his potty!

Day 4 (Tuesday 31st Jan 2012)
Well, I think my son nearly has this whole potty thing cracked! Obviously, he is still in nappies at night time, and I’m sure he will be for a while yet, but during the day today he has remained 100% dry! I even took him food shopping this morning and he held it until we got there (I whizzed him to the toilet as soon as we arrived) and then when we got home. He has also started consistently asking me when he needs to go now too. At one point I was in the kitchen and he came running through, grabbed my hand and pulled me to his potty saying, ‘potty!’ I put him on there and he had a poo! I have heard that poos are harder to crack and so I was so pleased! He is still being rewarded with a sweet (chocolate buttons are his favourite choice!) everytime he goes, so I may have to slowly wean him off of these, but it is only day 4 so I’m not too bothered about his sugar intake just yet! Go Sidney!
He’s with his auntie for the day tomorrow so we shall see if the change in routine will effect anything…

Day 5 (Wednesday 1st Feb 2012)
Today Sidney spent the day at my sister-in-law’s with his cousin Arthur while I went to work. I was quite interested to see what would happen because it’s the first day that he has spent any fair amount of time away from home and with people other than myself. I dropped him off at 8am and picked him up at 5.30pm, so a long day away from home! However, much to my surprise, he only had one accident as I drove away in the morning (too interested in Arthur’s toys I think!) and the rest of the day he used the potty which I left there! Brilliant!

Day 6 (Thursday 2nd Feb 2012)
Sid had nursery today and although he had a successful day at Arthur’s yesterday, I was still a bit apprehensive about it working at nursery where he would be surrounded by toys, other children and activities to take his mind off of using his potty. When I dropped him off, I took him to the little wet room off of his room and showed him where the potties were. I reminded him that if he needed to wee, he had to ask to use the potty. I was sure that this had gone straight over his head so I gave his keyworker a bag of sweets, asking her to reward him if he used it, and left for work.
I arrived to pick him up later today, not knowing what to expect. However, as ever, my boy has amazed me! NO ACCIDENTS! Apparently, as soon as I left, he took his keyworker by the hand and asked for ‘potty’! She didn’t even need to give him any sweets! She thinks that the sweets may just be a thing he associates with doing a wee at home and so I am going to have to slowly wean him off of these now. I don’t think I’ll get the bag down after he has a wee anymore unless he remembers and asks for it, and once the bag has become empty, I’ll try to explain that they are all gone. God help me there!! Day 7 tomorrow – could my baby be pretty much potty trained in a week?! (apart from night times of course!)


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