32 weeks pregnant


I need some advice from other mums this week please – is it normal to be feeling bouts of sudden pressure on my cervix? I mean, I’ll be sitting down and suddenly it will feel like the baby is pushing down so hard, his head is going to pop out! I don’t remember feeling this with my first son. Maybe it’s his head engaging? Such a weird feeling! I just hope he stays in there for a few more weeks!

I don’t know if the baby has moved position yet and swiveled round to face the correct way but I have certainly been doing everything I can to encourage him to. We moved into my mother-in-law’s this week and so I have been doing a lot of jobs which involved me on my hands and knees, such as unpacking shoes, clearing out cupboards etc. My back doesn’t feel as sore and so I’m hoping that this is a good sign! Either that or I’ve just got used to the pain! The move went well and my son has settled in splendidly! I thought that he’d at least have a few restless nights, but no! Has slept like a log in his new room. That’s a weight off my mind.

I was only saying a couple of weeks ago that there always seems to be something wrong with me, wasn’t I? Well now I have damn conjunctivitis! My son had it a few weeks back and so I probably caught it from him. His cleared up within a few days of applying antibiotic drops, mine however is still at large after a week of drops. I went back to the doctors Tuesday and have been given antibiotics (again). I think this is the third time this pregnancy that I have been on them! I really hope they do the job because my eyes are so sore and bloodshot – I look like a junkie!! I can not wait for my immune system to return to its previous strength!

I’m going to start thinking about my hospital bag this week. I already have 2 nighties (with straps for easy feeding access!), a nursing bra, a pair of slippers, 5 baby vests and a going home outfit for baby packed. Now I just need: BIG cheap knickers, sanitary towels, bra pads, a going home outfit for me (maternity top and leggings and NOT a size 8 tshirt and jeans like I packed last time thinking that my belly would just ping back after one night!), travel-sized toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, makeup remover wipes, hairband, kirby grips, lip balm), a towel, snacks, nappies, baby wipes, muslin cloth, maternity notes… am I missing anything?? Jeez, I’m going to need a suitcase!


About kellycording

Hello, I am the little voice in the corner. The voice which everyone listens to but nobody hears. The voice which people find amusing or interesting, but never take seriously. This is my blog, my virtual stomping ground; a place where my voice is the only one, where I can express my opinions and ideas without fear of being judged. The opinions and ideas expressed here are mine and I am shouting them out loud! Enjoy.

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