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20 weeks pregnant


It’s a… BOY!

Yes, it’s true, this girl is going to be well and truly outnumbered at home come June, what with my husband, my 2 year old son and a baby boy on the way! However, we are over the moon! The scan was an amazing experience this morning. The sonographer was absolutely brilliant – she talked us through each part of the baby that she was examining so that we knew exactly what we were looking at. It took about twenty minutes (she examined everything from the brain to the toes!) and thankfully everything looks like it is developing absolutely perfectly. We had told her beforehand that we would like to know the baby’s gender if possible but when it got to that area of the baby, it was hard to miss and I think I would have found out whether I wanted to or not! My husband, also over the moon, gave me a few reassuring looks because I think he was worried that I might somehow be slightly disappointed that I wasn’t going to experience a daughter, however, all I felt was joy. It’s funny, I have been so nervous over the last few days that the sonographer would announce that it was a boy and that I would feel slight disappointment. I didn’t want to feel disappointment, in fact, I would have felt absolutely awful to have a healthy baby inside of me and to feel in anyway disappointed. It has been worrying me all week that I might feel like this though. However, as soon as she said, ‘yep, I think we can plainly see that this is a boy’, all I felt was happiness and an overwhelming sense that it was always going to be this way. It just feels right somehow. Of course, having two boys will also have its financial advantages – I have all of my son’s old clothes, shoes and toys still, they could share a bedroom so we wouldn’t have to buy such a big house and I won’t be lumbered with two weddings to pay for! My friend referred to me as having an ‘heir and a spare’ in a message to me earlier. If I was Henry the 8th’s wife, I would definately have avoided the guiloteen (oh goody!)

So, a very happy day for my husband and I today! Our baby is healthy and now my husband and I can go home and start making lists of possible boys names. So far there is only one which we agree on but that is going to remain undisclosed – we’ve got to have something to announce at the birth! 🙂