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21 weeks pregnant


This week baby C has been finding his strength! I have been kicked, punched, poked and jabbed a lot the last few days. It’s funny, I think he is also starting to get into his own little sleeping cycle because it feels like he is more active at certain times of the day – early morning when I am waking up, around 11am, afternoon and in the evening.

I spent one evening this week sorting out all of my son’s old clothes now that we are sure the baby is a boy. I bought a load of transparent vacuum packs, sorted the clothes into age groups and sealed them up in their own bag. I am now a HUGE fan of vacuum packs! They are amazing! Not only are the clothes protected from dust and moisture, but once I had attacked them with the hoover, they shrunk to half the size and can now be stored in the loft until I need them. We really do not need any clothes for the newborn now for a year! What a bonus! (although I am sure that I won’t be able to resist buying a few new bits for the tiny newbie! It would be rude not to, right?)

We have also bought our buggy this week! We weren’t planning to at all but we were out shopping on Saturday and happened to pop into Mothercare. The buggy which I had been considering (the Quinny Buzz) was on display and the sales assistant offered the display one to us for one hundred and fifteen pounds off the sale price! How could we say no? Half an hour later it was in the boot of our car and we were three hundred quid poorer. Now we just need the car seat and base but that can wait for a few months I think.

My 2 year old son can definitely sense that something is about to change. He has always been such a brilliant sleeper – we usually put him to bed at 7pm with no trouble at all, and he sleeps till 7am. Just lately though when we have been putting him down, he has been getting back up, opening his door and screaming for us. It has taken us an hour to get him off to sleep. THEN he has been waking us at 6am and asking to get up. This is so out of character for him. I have spoken to a few other mums who have said that their youngest went through the same thing when they were pregnant with their second too – an insecurity thing maybe? Maybe he can sense the new arrival and it’s bothering him? I don’t know but the battle is very tiring!