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19 weeks pregnant


ONE WEEK TO GO! ONE WEEK TO GO! Yes, one week left until we have our 20 week scan and find out if there is a little boy or a little girl in my tummy! So so excited! (can you tell?!)

This week has had a few scary days. I went to bed Friday night with terrible stomach pains and was up all night with them. They started quite high up above my bump and then worsened as they worked their way down. The following day it felt as if I had done 1000 sit ups, it was painful to walk and my bump was very tender to the touch all down the right hand side. As you can probably imagine, I was imagining the worst and was preparing myself for the unthinkable. However, the pain was gone by Sunday and baby has continued to kick away ever since. I suffer from the occasional bout of IBS when stressed and I think this was the culprit – I must really learn not to stress so much!

I had the first appointment with my consultant on Friday who gave me some great news! She said that as long as my pregnancy goes well and that my blood pressure doesn’t rise in the meantime, there is no reason why I can’t try for a normal birth (it’s called a VBAC). This was great to hear because I was convinced that they would book me in for a c-section this time because of the severe pre-eclampsia I suffered with my son. My husband wasn’t so pleased to hear this news. I think that he was hoping that I would be booked in and that he wouldn’t have to worry about the risk of history repeating itself. I suppose it’s different for him – he was the one who had to stand there feeling helpless when it all happened, whereas I was a bit out of it so don’t remember much – he doesn’t want to see it all happen again or risk any damage to me or the baby. However, for me, getting to give birth naturally (or at least try) is so important. It’s the one incredible thing which I feel like I should be able to do as a woman. I want to feel the pain and then experience the emotions as my son or daughter is handed to me and think, ‘I did that’. I also don’t want all the painful recovery time which comes after a c-section! Staying in hospital for extra days, not being able to move for a day, not being able to drive for 6 weeks – erg, who would want any of that if they didn’t have to?! SO, we shall just have to watch this space and see what happens between now and then.

Next time I write, I’ll be able to tell you the gender – place your bets now! 🙂

17 weeks pregnant


Merry Christmas everybody! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas. Mine has been perfect – lots of family, food and fun! My 2 year old son has been completely and utterly overwhelmed with toys and sweets. I am struggling to find a place for all of his toys, because over the month (his birthday was also on the 10th of this month), he has received a lot of ‘big’ toys such as 2 tricycles, a play tool station, a drawing table, an easel, a drum kit and a play tent! My front room is starting to look like a Santa’s toy factory so I think it is time to pack away his old toys ready for baby number 2 to inherit one day!

I think I have had a growth spurt this week! My bump feels huge all of a sudden! My husband took me out shopping yesterday for a few maternity clothes as my normal tshirts are starting to show off the bottom of my belly now (not the most attractive look!). I can also say that I can definitely feel the baby moving now! Especially after eating something sweet (which I have been doing a lot of this month). My husband also swears that he could feel the movements with his hand on my belly last night – very exciting for him!

I took my son swimming today at the local leisure center. Although my son had a whale of a time, I can’t say that it was much fun for me. Putting the fact that I saw a tiny child-sized turd float past my face at one point, the place was rammed with children who have a tendency to occasionally panic or get excited and kick out really hard. I felt like I was constantly protecting my belly – plus it was freezing! I decided to leave my husband and son to it half way through and go and have a nice warm shower.

Right, well I think it is time for some more Christmas cake – I don’t think I have eaten in, well, about thirty minutes now! Now where are those Quality Street…

15 weeks pregnant


This week I have still been experiencing headaches but I think all the excitement of Christmas fast approaching is taking my mind off of it a bit – I can not believe that there is less than 2 weeks till Santa squeezes down our chimneys and I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping yet!

My bump is slowing increasing in size and I am appalled to notice a couple of tiny feint red stretch marks – gross. Last time I escaped stretch marks but I guess this time my bump has appeared a lot quicker. I am applying copious amounts of Bio Oil every morning in my battle against them! My only real complaint this week is tiredness and weird heart palpitations (which I read are normal in pregnancy). Starting to look pregnant now instead of just like a pie guzzler which is a relief.

According to my iPhone app, baby has reached 10cm this week – very strange to think of something the size of a lemon wriggling around in my belly! My 2 year old son has noticed the bump now and keeps lifting up my top to touch it, saying, ‘baby!’ (so cute).

Weight: 8 stone 2.