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Driving us mad


What is it with bus drivers in this town? Up until recently, I caught the bus to and from work each day, and the amount of times that I was victim of, or witnessed, a rude, arrogant bus driver was ridiculous.

I remember one female bus driver who used to drive the 8.20am bus from West Bergholt to Colchester town centre quite frequently. She was the most miserable, sour-faced cow you could ever imagine. I would greet her each day with a big smile (just because I knew it must annoy her seeing someone else so happy) and be returned with a face that could curdle milk. Sometimes, she wouldn’t even look at me as she held her chubby hand out and waited for me to drop the change into it; she would just gaze out of her windscreen. Oh, and change was a big issue to her. If you didn’t have the correct bus fair, she would roll her eyes and say, ‘I’ve got no change‘ (which was obviously a lie considering she had a bus full of people who had just paid using change!). I used to watch her turn young kids away because they dared to try and pay with a five pound note. What a witch.

Another specimen was also a frequent 8.20am driver. He also had no obvious social skills and I never saw him smile once. He would take your money, slam the door shut and put his foot down. Most people didn’t stand a chance and would go skating down the bus. This happened to me when I was eight months pregnant – I went flying down the aisle and just managed to grab a pole. An elderly man wasn’t as lucky as me one day and ended up splayed out on the floor, his money rolling everywhere. The bus driver didn’t even stop.

Also, the amount of times I have been a passenger in a bus and have witnessed somebody running and waving their hands frantically as they rush to make it to the bus stop before the bus leaves. Each time, the driver has almost smiled, slammed the doors shut and driven off, leaving the poor commuter gasping for breath on the side of the pavement. It’s like they actually enjoy knowing that have probably made that person late for a meeting. So heartless.

So why are bus drivers so inconsiderate and rude? Where has their human compassion and basic social skills disappeared to? Surely their day would go so much quicker and be so much more pleasant if they took on a friendlier attitude and took the time to have a laugh with their passengers? If a shop assistant was this rude to a customer in any High Street shop, they would get sacked, so why don’t bus drivers get disciplined for their lousy attitudes? It doesn’t make sense.

I don’t know why bus drivers are notoriously bad tempered. Maybe the repetitive journey in a smelly bus each day has killed any warmth they ever had before. If this is the case, thank God I am not a bus driver!