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Having your cake and eating it


Insolence is the theme of this post, and when it comes to cakes, it gets messy.

cakes on a trayLike in a lot of work places, in mine we celebrate our birthdays by bringing in cakes for all of our colleagues to share. Some may say, surely it should be the other way round, I mean, why buy everybody else cakes on your own birthday? But that’s the way it is – an old company tradition which most people partake in as a way of highlighting the fact that it is their birthday and celebrating it with the rest. And there is no denying that everyone gets very excited when the door opens and in comes ‘Joe Bloggs’, the birthday boy from accounts with a tray full of doughnuts!

However, there are a sneaky few who happily gobble down their share of everyone else’s birthday cakes each year, (totalling approximately fifty a year in our office) but when it comes to their birthday, they keep quiet and forgo the tradition altogether. I find this incredibly rude.

Maybe I am being petty here, but I think that if for whatever reason (I can only think of one and it’s the opposite of ‘loose’), you do not wish to partake in the cake tradition, then you shouldn’t reach out for that chocolate éclair when it is offered out to you on a tray from Joe Blogg’s. It’s like riding a taxi round all day, then not paying the fair. It’s insolent.

So to all of those who may be guilty of this cake crime in the office, don’t be a doughnut, it IS noticed and we all think you are a right jammy dodger! (no puns intended)