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What is success?


success sign picHow do you measure success? Do you measure it by the amount of money one has, by the type of car they drive, the size of their house? Or do you measure it by how happy one is, how many friends they have, children they have raised? I find that the word ‘success’ is an ambiguous word. What is successful?

A lady walked by me the other day when I was waiting for a bus to town. She was dressed immaculately – designer jeans, silk shirt, diamond bracelet, balenciaga handbag and those huge designer sunglasses which you know must have cost a few hundred quid. She oozed money. I thought to myself, this lady must be pretty successful. However, she got into her flashy two seater sports car and before turning on the engine, she gazed out of the window at a mother walking by with her child. The child was holding his mother’s hand and skipping carelessly along beside her as they chatted and laughed. The woman in the car lowered her sunglasses and watched the couple pass with a look in her eyes which I can only describe as longing. It made me think about the word success and how the meaning varies from person to person.

I never used to consider myself as ‘successful’. I do not have a huge house, an expensive car or a wardrobe of designer clothes and these were the things I used to measure success by. However, my experience at the bus stop changed the way I see myself – I have a loving husband, a beautiful son, the best family and loads of great friends. Maybe I am pretty successful after all?