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23 weeks pregnant


Feeling a bit livelier this week although still shattered in the evenings. My husband has been working lots of overtime this week but actually managed to get home before 9pm last night – unfortunately I couldn’t keep my eyes open and so had to go to bed! Sorry hubby!

I have been experiencing weird heart palpitations quite a lot. They seem to happen if I am doing anything remotely energetic, such as climbing the stairs, and they take my breath away! They make me cough too which is strange. Will mention this to my midwife at my next appointment in a couple of weeks. It is a very stressful time for me at the moment with lots going on in my life so maybe my body is telling me to deeeee-stress. Maybe I should take up yoga or something?!

My hormones seem a bit uneven too at the moment. I have been getting sudden bursts of emotion which appear to come out of nowhere and leave me in floods of tears. This always seems to be in the evenings. Then I feel a bit silly and wonder what I was even crying about. Stupid hormones, I feel like a crazy woman!

On a plus note, my son’s potty training is going great! I think he is nearly there! My mum had him for the whole day yesterday and he stayed perfectly dry all day for her. I am very lucky to have such a bright boy – hopefully the next one will follow in his footsteps!

Oh, and I have to mention my skin and hair! It feels so good right now! My hair feels thicker and shinier and my skin is a lot clearer. Loving this part of pregnancy!