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Don’t be a mug, use the damn pan!


The other day I was out with a friend in a restaurant and nature called. I’d had a bit to drink that evening and so the urge was a little more desperate than normal. Upon entering the ladies, I was met with a queue of about four women. There were two normal cubicles (all of which were obviously occupied) and a disabled toilet. This particular cubicle door was wide open, empty and very inviting. I hopped from one foot to the other for a few minutes at the back of the queue and finally thought, ‘to hell with it!’ and dived into the disabled loo to relieve myself. As you can imagine, as I came out of the toilet, I got a series of glares and loud tuts from the sheep still waiting ‘patiently’ in the queue.

Now, my question is, is it really that wrong to use a disabled toilet if you are not disabled? I mean, there were no disabled people waiting to use the toilet and so why leave a perfectly good toilet sitting empty when there is a queue of people waiting to go? Surely a disabled toilet is just a toilet, it’s just been made accessible to people who have wheelchairs? Even if a disabled person did happen to come into the bathroom while an able person was using the disabled toilet, it’s not like they can’t hold it for a few moments like everyone else is it? Just because somebody is disabled, doesn’t mean they can’t occasionally wait like everyone else does it?

So next time you are in a never-ending queue for the toilet and the disabled loo is wide open and deliciously empty, don’t be a mug, just use the damn pan!