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30 weeks pregnant


Well, the lower back pain has certainly kicked in this week! I feel like a bit of an invalid actually – every time I try to do too much (and when I say ‘too much’, I mean, not a lot at all), I get awful back pain and have to sit down. At the weekend I had a small list of household jobs to do – clean the bathroom, vacuum the upstairs, load the washing into the machine and do some dusting. I finished the bathroom and collapsed on the sofa exhausted! It’s so frustrating, especially as we are moving house next week and so all I want to do is get stuck into the packing! I have been getting little bouts of feeling nauseous this week too. They do say that you start to feel bad in the last trimester again and they weren’t joking! I feel like an over-inflated beach ball!

Starting to get a little nervous about the impending birth now too. I think, now I have hit 30 weeks, it is feeling really close – realistically, the baby could come at anytime from 37 weeks so I may not have long at all. Memories of my son’s birth are starting to come back to me and I’m starting to remember just how painful those contractions were! I still have the option of a planned c-section of course and this option is looking more attractive every day! Got a ‘Birth Choices Clinic’ appointment to attend in a couple of weeks where I will sit down and discuss all my concerns with a midwife and get some advice – hopefully this will help me make up my mind.

Quite looking forward to the move next week now. Although I am still very nervous about the thought of moving into somebody else’s home, I am eager to get all of our stuff in and settle down before the new arrival. My husband is going over there to decorate our room this weekend so that it’s nice and fresh for us. My ‘nesting’ is still at large and so the thought of a good clear out and then placing all of our stuff into a nice clean, newly decorated room, is lovely. I am cleaning a lot at the moment – I just hope my mother-in-law doesn’t get offended when I start vacuuming under the sofas and scrubbing the kitchen cupboards! It’s nothing I wouldn’t be doing in my own home, I’m just a bit OCD at the moment!

27 weeks pregnant


I am now officially in my third trimester! Hooray! The last stage of pregnancy has finally arrived and the finish line is in sight. Apparently I will start to feel a bit rubbish again soon as my due date looms. I am already starting to get quite tired in the evenings again and can barely keep my eyes open past 9pm. As the baby gets bigger, my body will have to work harder for us both and hence the tiredness I guess. Oh well, not too much longer left now!

A question: is it normal for the ‘nesting’ effect to take hold this early? I can’t stop cleaning just lately. I bought this all-purpose Flash spray which has hint of Fabreeze in it and it smells ssoooo good! I think I clean my kitchen worktops about three times a day just because I love the fresh clean smell I get when I walk back in! I hope this is just pregnancy ‘nesting’ and I am not developing OCD! I can’t stop sweeping, dusting and vacuuming either. There’s just something about an immaculate house at the moment. I don’t remember this happening until I was around 35 weeks last time.

I am also eating for England this week! I don’t appear to have that full feeling at the moment and so constantly feel like I’m hungry. I used to take a sandwich and an apple to work and that would do me for the day, today however, I have a sandwich, an orange, a nectarine, a fruit & grain bar and a Milky Way chocolate dessert and that will all be gone (leaving me hungry) by 3pm!

I went to a local baby sale in a secondary school at the weekend and managed to pick up a MaxiCozi Easy Base for our car seat for £20! So lucky as was going to buy it on Amazon for £95! I love a bargain!! Have now ordered our car seat (the MaxiCozi CabrioFix infant carrier) which fits nicely onto our new buggy and so we nearly have everything we need now. Can’t wait for little Baby C to arrive!