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36 weeks pregnant


Really feeling it now. Sleep is becoming so disturbed now due to lower back pain and I wake up each morning with such sore hips! I think this is probably what it feels like to be really old. Even the muscles at the top of my inside legs are hurting – I feel like I am holding a bowling ball between my legs! One week until the baby is classed as ‘full term’ and then I shall be writing him an eviction notice and willing him to come out!

I have started to get a bit of an itchy rash on the bottom of my bump. During the last few weeks of my last pregnancy, I developed an itchy rash called PUPPS. It was absolutely awful and spread all over my belly and down my legs. The itchiness was unbearable! All I could do was spread camomile lotion on it and try not to scratch. I am REALLY hoping that this isn’t the start of that again.

My husband spent Saturday working on his old crib which he found in his mum’s loft. I was pessimistic at first as it looked so dreary when he first pulled it down, however, after a day of sanding, priming and painting, it has come up lovely! (see pic) I have ordered a mattress and can’t wait for it to arrive so that I can get it all ready and see it all complete.

It’s my last week at work this week. Although I shall miss it, I am glad to be leaving this week, as by 3pm, I struggle to stay awake now and feel I need some time to relax before the baby arrives. I’m not one of these woman who feel content spending all day, everyday at home with the kids – last time I went on maternity leave, I really missed the buzz of work and find working three days a week a perfect balance of being ‘mum’ and being ‘Kelly’, so I’m a little apprehensive about leaving if I’m honest. I am planning to take nine months off but I reckon I’ll be gagging to get back after six! Kids are fantastic, but it’s nice to have a little slice of life which doesn’t involve baby wipes and kids TV.


33 weeks pregnant


Lots to report on this week! I had an antenatal appointment yesterday and it seems that baby C has spun around and so no longer has his back against my back! I thought this may be the case because my lower back has been feeling a lot better the last couple of weeks – it appears all that work on my hands and knees has paid off! Also, that pressure on my cervix was as I suspect – baby is 3/5ths engaged! (which means the top of his head has started to drop into my pelvis ready for the big day!) This makes it all seem so close now!

This week I also attended the ‘Birth Choices Clinic’ where I sat with a midwife for an hour and we went over everything which happened during the birth of my first son in order to try and make a decision on whether to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian) or a caesarian section this time. I found it really helpful actually. The midwife had all the notes from the previous birth and so could see exactly what happened and give me all the pros and cons of each choice. After a discussion with my husband that night, we have decided that I am going to go for the VBAC if I make it to the due date with no other problems. It was made quite clear to me that at any point during labour, if my blood pressure rises and I am worried, I can request a caesarian (providing I’m not ready to push of course!). This has given me a lot of reassurance. Also, the midwife told me that she has never seen a woman go through pre-eclampsia during two labours – apparently it’s quite rare to happen the second time around. Let’s just hope I’m not the exception!

My conjunctivitis has now cleared up (hoorah!) but I have been  left with a blurry right eye! (oh bugger!) Oh, and now I have come down with a cold! Will I ever be clear of sickness?!

We have been living at my husband’s mother’s for nearly two weeks now and though we are made to feel very welcome and there are no real problems I know of, I am struggling to settle with the idea. My maternal instincts are battling against me and screaming, ‘you need to get you and your family in your own house!‘ I am really really trying to compress and hide these feelings for the sake of my husband (who seems quite happy there) and for the sake of our savings, but I feel it slowly eating away at me the closer the arrival of my second child gets and I’m sure he can see it in me. I am still working three days a week at the moment so am not there a great deal, but I’m so scared that in three weeks time, when I’m on maternity leave and so there all the time, that it will drag me down and become obvious. It’s only been two weeks so I suppose I’m still settling in – maybe in a few weeks I’ll feel differently and start to feel more at home? I just miss my own space, my own furniture, my own little family hideaway. God I miss that.

26 weeks pregnant


This week I have been feeling a little more energized. The antibiotics have obviously done their job as my cough has gone and I feel altogether so much better! Thank God for modern medicine!

The baby has been booting me left, right and centre this week, paying particular attention to the time when I want to go to sleep! I am sure that this will be something which will carry on through to the early months of life as well no doubt. Oh well, at least I am well prepared for the sleepless nights which will soon follow. I was only saying to a friend the other day actually, I think that I am looking forward to the birth of this baby more so than I was with my first. With my first, everything was the unknown – I had no idea what to do when it arrived other than what I had been told or read! Babies don’t come with instruction manuals and so although I was excited, I had a lot of anxieties about everything. This time, I know what to do, how much (or little) sleep I’m going to get and my life has already adjusted to being a mum. The shock I felt when my whole life suddenly changed, has already happened. I am excited but in a whole relaxed kind of way this time!

I have been working on a little project for the new baby this week. I know a lot of you are going to think that I am really sad because this is not a hobby which many women partake in until they are at least sixty, but I have been having a go at crochet. A baby blanket to be more precise. My friend and I saw a class being advertised at a toddler group we attended and so decided to give it a whirl! I haven’t got that far yet but you can see from the picture that I’m getting there. It’s quite satisfying creating something so esthetically pleasing from four boring balls of wool and a hook!

After last weeks post, my husband and I have had a long discussion on my birth choice. I hadn’t realised just how concerned he was actually feeling about it all. I think I sometimes focus too much on how everything is affecting me and forget that my husband is part of this journey, with his own worries and anxieties, as well. We have decided to attend my next appointment with the consultant together, so that we can raise our concerns and then think about the options a little more before making a final choice.

25 weeks pregnant


This week I finally went to the doctors about my cough which I have had for 5 weeks now. It turns out that I have a chest infection and so they have put me on antibiotics. Now I have a cold – just great! Fed up of feeling run down all of the time. I thought this was supposed to be the ‘blooming’ period of pregnancy?! I just feel blooming rubbish!

According to my iPhone app, my baby now has a 70% chance of survival if it were born today – the odds are rising each week! I watched a programme called ‘Maternity Ward’ Tuesday where a woman went into labour at 25 weeks. I was amazed at how big the baby actually was once it was delivered! I don’t know what I was expecting considering the size of my bump now? Anyhow, there’s a pretty fair sized baby inside of me now!

I had an antenatal appointment with my midwife today. All seems to be fine! My blood pressure is low (which is much better than high apparently, although explains the tiredness) and the baby’s heartbeat is regular and strong. It was lovely listening to the heartbeat again.

One topic which has had me thinking this week has been my birth choice: vaginal birth vs elected c-section. It started when I had an interesting conversation with a friend over the weekend. She told me that she thought I was being selfish by choosing to opt for a natural birth instead of electing to have a c-section based on my past experience (where I suffered severe pre-eclampsia during labour – see this post for details). I was quite shocked by this view and it has been bugging me ever since. She seemed to think that I should opt to have a c-section in order to eliminate any risk of pre eclampsia arising during this labour as she thought that I was risking my life and the life of my baby unnecessarily. This is kind of the same opinion that my husband takes and I strongly disagree! My consultant has advised me that there is absolutely nothing to say that I will suffer with pre eclampsia this time round and a c-section carries risks of its own (mainly being infection). Therefore, by choosing to have a section, I may be going through major abdominal surgery for nothing. They have assured me that I will be closely monitored at all times and so the minute I happen to experience higher blood pressure, I would be taken into theatre anyway. So where’s the risk? There are reasons (call them selfish if you wish) for me wanting to have a natural birth; for one, the recovery time is far quicker – it took me a couple of days to even get out of bed and walk when I had a c-section before, I was in pain for weeks and couldn’t drive for over a month. Now I have a toddler as well, this incapability would be a nightmare! Also, yes, as I have mentioned in a post before, I do want to experience a natural birth if there’s a safe chance. Call me strange, but until you have been pregnant, you can not pass judgement on this as you have not developed these feelings. I know of many women who have had c-sections and feel exactly the same – like they have missed out on something. Saying all this though, if my consultant were to sit me down and advise me to have a c-section for the safety of me or my baby, I’d do it in a flash! The safety of my baby is and always will be paramount.
What does anyone else think here? Is there anyone out there who has faced the same decision? What choice did/would you make?

Wow, only 15 weeks left now!

23 weeks pregnant


Feeling a bit livelier this week although still shattered in the evenings. My husband has been working lots of overtime this week but actually managed to get home before 9pm last night – unfortunately I couldn’t keep my eyes open and so had to go to bed! Sorry hubby!

I have been experiencing weird heart palpitations quite a lot. They seem to happen if I am doing anything remotely energetic, such as climbing the stairs, and they take my breath away! They make me cough too which is strange. Will mention this to my midwife at my next appointment in a couple of weeks. It is a very stressful time for me at the moment with lots going on in my life so maybe my body is telling me to deeeee-stress. Maybe I should take up yoga or something?!

My hormones seem a bit uneven too at the moment. I have been getting sudden bursts of emotion which appear to come out of nowhere and leave me in floods of tears. This always seems to be in the evenings. Then I feel a bit silly and wonder what I was even crying about. Stupid hormones, I feel like a crazy woman!

On a plus note, my son’s potty training is going great! I think he is nearly there! My mum had him for the whole day yesterday and he stayed perfectly dry all day for her. I am very lucky to have such a bright boy – hopefully the next one will follow in his footsteps!

Oh, and I have to mention my skin and hair! It feels so good right now! My hair feels thicker and shinier and my skin is a lot clearer. Loving this part of pregnancy!

21 weeks pregnant


This week baby C has been finding his strength! I have been kicked, punched, poked and jabbed a lot the last few days. It’s funny, I think he is also starting to get into his own little sleeping cycle because it feels like he is more active at certain times of the day – early morning when I am waking up, around 11am, afternoon and in the evening.

I spent one evening this week sorting out all of my son’s old clothes now that we are sure the baby is a boy. I bought a load of transparent vacuum packs, sorted the clothes into age groups and sealed them up in their own bag. I am now a HUGE fan of vacuum packs! They are amazing! Not only are the clothes protected from dust and moisture, but once I had attacked them with the hoover, they shrunk to half the size and can now be stored in the loft until I need them. We really do not need any clothes for the newborn now for a year! What a bonus! (although I am sure that I won’t be able to resist buying a few new bits for the tiny newbie! It would be rude not to, right?)

We have also bought our buggy this week! We weren’t planning to at all but we were out shopping on Saturday and happened to pop into Mothercare. The buggy which I had been considering (the Quinny Buzz) was on display and the sales assistant offered the display one to us for one hundred and fifteen pounds off the sale price! How could we say no? Half an hour later it was in the boot of our car and we were three hundred quid poorer. Now we just need the car seat and base but that can wait for a few months I think.

My 2 year old son can definitely sense that something is about to change. He has always been such a brilliant sleeper – we usually put him to bed at 7pm with no trouble at all, and he sleeps till 7am. Just lately though when we have been putting him down, he has been getting back up, opening his door and screaming for us. It has taken us an hour to get him off to sleep. THEN he has been waking us at 6am and asking to get up. This is so out of character for him. I have spoken to a few other mums who have said that their youngest went through the same thing when they were pregnant with their second too – an insecurity thing maybe? Maybe he can sense the new arrival and it’s bothering him? I don’t know but the battle is very tiring!

Giving birth to my son in 2009 – Severe Pre-eclampsia, my experience


I have written this account for all of the mothers-to-be out there. If you have any of the symptoms that I felt in the run up to my labour, please please PLEASE get it properly checked out. Pre-eclampsia is very dangerous for you and your baby. It is not something which you want to ignore. I am pregnant again and hopefully this time round, I won’t develop Pre-eclampsia, but at least I now know what to look out for. So here goes…

I was a few days away from my due date when I suddenly developed fat fingers, a bloated face and sudden severe headaches (which lasted for only a few minutes at a time but made me double over, gripping my head with pain). I went to see the mid-wife for my normal regular check-up and mentioned my symptoms. My mid-wife, quite a flippant young woman, took my blood pressure, told me that it was slightly higher than my usual ‘normal’ reading and then smiled, waving it all off as ‘normal late pregnancy symptoms’. Being new to the whole pregnancy club, I trusted her judgement and went home feeling content that everything was ok.

It was six days past my due date when I suddenly felt my first contraction. I had been to the hospital that day to have a membrane sweep to help bring on labour and it had obviously worked a treat. It was 6pm on the 9th of December. My husband was working late at the office and so I was alone with just my big, fat, ginger cat, Wally, for company. Wally had been acting very strange all evening, never leaving my side and insisting on curling up on my lap even though this was totally out of character for him. So when I felt the first contraction (which felt like a bad period pain), I knew that this was it (they do say that animals just ‘know’ don’t they!).

I knew from attending NCT (National Child Trust) classes that I had a long way to go before I had to make the drive to the hospital, so I made myself dinner, got my bag together and called my husband, telling him to finish up and come home. My husband arrived home about an hour later feeling a mixture of excitement and anxiety. By then my contractions were a lot stronger and happening every 2-3 minutes. We phoned the hospital and let them know that we would be in that night. However, if there was one thing that I had learnt in my NCT classes, it was to wait until the contractions were at the point where sitting in the car was nearly impossible before going to the hospital, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be dilated enough and they would just send you home again – there was no way I was making two trips to the hospital that night! We waited until 10pm. By then I was on the floor, clinging to the arm chair and rocking back and forth in pain every minute! I knew it was time now.

We got to the hospital and the first thing they did was to put me in a delivery room, check how dilated I was (4cm – no going home again for me! Yes!) and check my blood pressure. It was way too high. They attached a strap to my belly to monitor the baby’s heart beat and my contractions – I was now classed as ‘high-risk’ and was to be monitored every half an hour. I am not sure how long passed but my contractions got a hell of a lot stronger. The pain would come over me like a wave, gripping my stomach and lower back, running down my legs, slowly getting stronger, making me feel physically sick before slowly fading away and giving me a tiny minute to relax a little. By then I was begging for some pain relief! I had told myself before the labour that I would be one of those rock-hard mums who would go through the whole experience with nothing but fresh air. However, I didn’t imagine labour being quite so painful and so Pethidine (a pain relief injection) sounded pretty wonderful. It wasn’t. A few moments after it was administered I felt drunk – but nasty drunk. The kind of drunk where you’ve had one too many and just want to go home. I couldn’t stop being sick and the pain wasn’t that much less then it was before. Then came in the consultant who took my blood pressure and warned me that it had got far too high. I was advised to have an epidural which should bring it back down. I really didn’t want an epidural. An epidural is a small tube which is inserted into your spine, administering a drug which totally numbs you from the waist down. The thought of not feeling the pain any longer was good, but it would mean that I would be immobile and wouldn’t be able to feel the urge to push when the time came. Also, the tiny risk of permanent paralysis that it posed scared the life out of me. However, right then mine and the baby’s health was more important so I rolled over and let them inject me in the spine (which I must say, didn’t hurt – nothing hurt compared to the contractions I was feeling. They could have stabbed me in the back with a screw driver and I probably wouldn’t have flinched!).

A few hours passed and unfortunately my blood pressure continued to slowly rise. My contractions were also beginning to weaken. I was 8cm dilated (you need to be 10cm in order to push), my blood pressure was dangerously high and my body was beginning to tire. It was then that my memory of the following events becomes blurred. I remember looking around and seeing flickering lights where ever I looked. Then, I lost sight in one of my eyes. I called out to the midwife that I couldn’t see and she dropped her papers and ran out of the room. I remember hearing an alarm go off and seeing a whole group of midwives and doctors come rushing into the room. They surrounded me, injecting me in every arm, connecting me to drips. At one point I heard them suggest connecting me to an IV from my foot as they couldn’t find a spare vein quick enough. Thank goodness, they found one! I now know that my blood pressure was so high that I had temporarily lost sight in my eye – a warning sign that a fit or stroke was imminent if nothing was done to get it right down. It is called ‘severe pre eclampsia’.

I have absolutely no idea how long all of this went on for. According to my husband, I was totally out of it, barely able to speak or keep my eyes open. I had been in labour for around 20 hours. My blood pressure was stabilised and I was then offered an emergency c-section. I was just able to scribble my name on the consent form (although I don’t remember doing this) and they took me into theatre straight away. My memory becomes quite clear again here – I’m not sure if this was the drugs, adrenaline or excitement of finally seeing my baby! They put a huge curtain up across my chest so I couldn’t see the procedure and I patiently waited until everything was ready to go. My husband looked like a surgeon, all dressed up in his gown, hat and white shoes. He stood by my side and stroked my hair as we waited in anticipation. I felt some tugging and then I heard it – the sound I had been desperate to hear for months – the high pitched cry of my baby boy. He was fine – a healthy 8 pound 9 ounces, born at 3.15pm on the 10th December 2009.

I had to stay in hospital for 5 days. For the first 2 days I was in isolation, not able to see any visitors (even my mum and dad!) and my blood pressure was taken every 15 minutes! It was very lonely in there, I was in pain from the c-section and so couldn’t even get up to tend to my son. However, my husband was amazing and the midwives very supportive. Five days later I went home – sore, tired, but so relieved that it was all over and my son and I were ok.

For more information on Pre-eclampsia, please visit… www.nhs.uk/conditions/pre-eclampsia/Pages/Introduction.aspx