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Social tit-for-tat


When I first joined Facebook, I initially saw a great communication tool. It was a way of keeping in contact with old friends, seeing what long lost buddies were getting up to in their lives and having a snoop at friend’s holiday snaps. I’d spend a lot of time on there gossiping with friends, updating my status and ‘poking’ my husband. It all seemed so friendly and social. However, the more I go on there, the more I can’t help but see a different side to Facebook. Some people no longer just use Facebook as a friendly social tool, but also as a way of directing unfriendly comments to other ‘friends’. You know what I’m talking about, you must have seen it before – a ‘friend’ has been particularly annoying this week, she has been boasting a lot about how great her perfect little life is. Annie Bloggs’ life isn’t going so well and so she feels aggravated (and secretly jealous) by this and so instead of giving her friend a call and telling her how she feels, she updates her status as:

Annie Bloggs is getting totally fed up with hearing about how wonderful some peoples lives are. Get over yourself coz no-one cares!

Does this sound familiar? An indirect snipe which can be totally denied should this ‘friend’ ask if it is about her – a weak attack from a social networking coward. I see this a lot and it’s so sad.

The saddest thing about this social tit-for-tat culture is that these status snipes don’t always come from mere acquaintances, they can be from the people who you thought were actually real friends. Before Facebook, friends would never dream of being so openly rude, I now believe that social networking sites such as Facebook has made it acceptable and opened the doors to this aggressive behavior from people who you thought were friends. It makes me wonder how many friendships have broken down due to Facebook?

I recently deactivated my Twitter account due to seeing so many negative, out of character tweets on there from people who I don’t think would ever dream of being so rude in real life. My opinion of people was starting to change and I didn’t like it. I wonder how long it will be until I have to deactivate Facebook as well?